We’re already six weeks into session and it’s been full of excitement. Thank you for voicing your opinions day in and day out. Your phone calls, emails, and testimony are the most important pieces of the process. There are many more opportunities to testify. Check out upcoming bills and committee hearings right here.
In action on the House floor! (We try to make time for a few laughs)

Another one of my bills passed committee!

HB17-1175 requires cosmetologists, hairstylists, nail technicians, and barbers to take a one-hour one-time online training on recognizing the signs of domestic violence; and if they think it’s appropriate and it’s welcomed by the client, to offer information on how they might get help. Next stop: Second Reading in front of the House of Representatives.

Become best friends with your Legislators

If your federal and state legislators’ phone numbers aren’t saved in your phone yet, text your ZIP Code to 520-200-2223. You’ll get a text back with everyone’s contact info within seconds!

Calling your legislators is the most effective way to make your voice heard.

A Glance at Upcoming Bills

HB 1156: Prohibits Conversion Therapy Mental Health Provider
This bill would prevent psychiatrists and other mental health professionals from performing conversion therapy with patients under the age of 18. Any licensed mental health professional who seeks to change a patient’s sexual orientation would be subject to disciplinary action.
Sponsors: Sen. Fenberg & Rep. Rosenthal
Hearing date: Tuesday, February 28th, House Public Health Care & Human Services

HB 1187: Change Excess State Revenues Cap Growth Factor (TABOR Reform)
Currently, TABOR requires that state revenue be capped at a consistent rate, adjusted for inflation and population growth. This bill would reform TABOR so that the cap is adjusted according to change in annual Colorado personal income instead of being based on inflation and population growth.
Sponsors: Rep. Thurlow & Sen. Crowder
Hearing date: Monday, February 27th, House Finance

In the Press

Fossil fuel extraction fights persist around Colorado, challenging state push for harmony
Denver Post
Colorado’s oil and gas conflict flared as hundreds of people packed FirstBank Center on Tuesday night hoping to kill — or at least tame — a plan to drill 139 wells from four 8-acre pads near homes in Broomfield. Those opposed to Extraction Oil and Gas’ plan displayed a map showing one pad within 500 feet of a drinking-water reservoir and pointed to a recent Anadarko Petroleum blowout that sprayed more than 11,000 gallons of oil four times that far.

Dems Kill Immigration Bill Targeting Sanctuary Cities
Colorado Independent

“A bill that would have permitted victims of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants in sanctuary cities to sue the elected officials of those cities failed in committee Wednesday, but not before provoking hours of passionate testimony.”

Trump’s new immigration measures panned in Boulder County
Daily Camera
A series of steps announced Tuesday through the Department of Homeland Security implementing President Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration and border security sparked fear and concern in Boulder County, with officials slamming it as bad policy. One of the stronger reactions came from Marta Valenzuela Moreno, executive director of El Comité de Longmont, a grassroots nonprofit focused on improving social justice, education and the economic status of Latino and non-Latino people throughout Longmont and Boulder County.

Republican leadership calls TABOR reform ‘interesting’ but not a priority
Colorado Politics
Some within the Republican Caucus are discussing reforms to TABOR.

Upcoming Events

Next Town Hall combined with House Majority Leader KC Becker and Senator Steve Fenberg

Wednesday, March 15th
5-8pm with Q&A starting at 6pm

Sanitas Brewing Company
3550 Frontier Ave, Boulder

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