I am very excited to report that my bill (HB17-1328) requiring candidates for president and vice president release five years of their tax returns to qualify for the ballot in Colorado passed the Colorado State House today!

Four decades of presidential candidates from both major parties have voluntarily released their federal tax returns. It was President Trump’s break with that tradition, and the specter of doubt that it raised about conflicts of interest that could interfere with putting the nation’s best interests before his own, that prompted legislators from 27 states to introduce this legislation. I am very proud to include Colorado among them.

Candidates for the highest office should disclose their personal finances to reassure voters that…

  • The taxes they pay on their income and assets will not drive federal tax policy.
  • Their domestic business interests will not unduly favor certain industries.
  • Their foreign business interests will not take precedent over national security decisions.
  • Their charitable contributions reflect their capacity to make them and their values.

Cabinet and sub-cabinet level nominees do not get a hearing by the Senate until their tax releases are disclosed and conflicts corrected. Why should they be held to a higher standard than the President?

It is time we put on paper what has long been respected as a gentleperson’s agreement.

HB 17-1328 will now move to the Republican-controlled State Senate and must pass committee and floor votes in order to become law.

Call Colorado State Senators now and let them know that Coloradans demand transparency and accountability of our presidential candidates!

Learn how you can get involved in the process using the links below!

See Representative Hooton’s speech at the March for Presidential Tax Returns

Demand Action: Call Republican
State Senators

Given the Republican Control of Colorado’s state Senate, HB 1328 must be bipartisan to become law.

If you are concerned about financial transparency of presidential candidates, help us make HB17-1328 law by contacting Republican Senators and voicing why this issue is important to you.

A full list of Republican Senators and their contact information may be found using the link below.

Contact Republican Senators

Next stop for HB17-1328: Senate Committee

Just like in the House, HB17-1328 must first be approved by a Senate committee before it can be sent to the floor for a vote. This is a critical step in the process.

Since HB17-1328 passed the House just this morning, it has not yet been assigned to a senate committee.

Stay up to date on HB17-1328 in the link below. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the bill’s upcoming schedule.

Check Status of HB17-1328