Boulder Latina leader & City Council member Mary Young supports Edie

Dear Friend and Neighbor,

As a member of the Boulder City Council and a Latina of humble beginnings, I am proud to write to you today in support of Edie Hooton for the State House.

I grew up in a first-generation immigrant family with four other siblings, speaking only Spanish until I reached first grade. In this land of opportunity, I was inspired and empowered to succeed in school, earn degrees in mechanical engineering, and give back to my community through nonprofit work and now as a civil-servant.

The election for House District 10 is about that opportunity and empowerment. That is why your support for Edie at the Democratic precinct caucus is so important. Edie has demonstrated Democratic leadership for two decades as a precinct captain, a congressional district officer, and as president of the Democratic Women of Boulder County. All the while, Edie has quietly worked in Boulder for those same twenty years to provide opportunities and empowerment to vulnerable families.

Intercambio, the Family Learning Center, and the I Have A Dream Foundation in Boulder County have all benefited from Edie’s dedication to unite communities and provide space for immigrant families to learn English, do better in school, and find the inspiration to succeed. Edie and her husband, Jim, have spent years in service to these non-profits, which means more families – families like my own – can provide opportunities for their children to succeed in these United States.

Let’s send a true progressive leader to represent us at the Colorado Statehouse.

In solidarity,

Mary Young
Mayor Pro Tem
City of Boulder