Clean Energy Action Founder Leslie Glustrom
Clean Energy Action founder Leslie Glustrom

Check out why Boulder’s true environmental champion, Leslie Glustrom, co-founder of Clean Energy Action, is supporting Edie:

“I will be supporting long-time progressive Edie Hooton for the state Legislature in 2016 in HD 10 which includes much of Boulder east of Broadway.

I hope others will join me and many other top Boulder County and Colorado Democrats who endorse Edie, including our current state representative, and Speaker of the Colorado House, Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, as well as Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett.

Those writing in support of Angelique Espinoza for HD 10 have cited her strong stance on climate change and clean energy as a reason to support Angelique. Yet, in close to 10 years of numerous energy meetings where Angelique was present, I never heard her express strong concern about climate change and now have to wonder where the “real Angelique” was during the last critical decade?

While I’m glad that Angelique is now making clear statements about the seriousness of climate change and the need to move to cleaner, lower-carbon forms of energy, I am looking for someone to serve us in the Legislature who was true to progressive ideals long before she became a candidate.

Edie Hooton has been supporting progressive causes in Boulder and Boulder County with her time and service for the last 20 years. She makes it clear where she stands, and she will make a great representative of Boulder’s progressive values in the state Legislature.

That is why Edie’s endorsements include current Boulder Mayor Suzanne Jones and many current and past City Council members including Lisa Morzel, Sam Weaver, Mary Young, Susan Osborne, Crystal Gray and many other prominent progressives. You can read about Edie and her stance on the issues and see the full list of her impressive endorsements at Please join me in supporting the true progressive, Edie Hooton, for Boulder’s State Representative in HD10.”

Leslie Glustrom