Get to know Edie.

As the daughter of a country doctor who helped establish one of the first Planned Parenthoods in Vermont, and a mother who was a feminist and community leader, Edie was raised with the understanding that we have an obligation to serve those in need and to actively improve the quality of life in the community in which we live.  A successful advocate for progressive candidates and causes, civic leader, and mother of two, she has focused her energy and experience on reproductive rights, access to quality education for all, and working to increase voter participation in the election process.

Edie was a legislative aide in the US Senate and the Alaska State Legislature in the 70s and 80s during a time when both parties worked together to find common ground. Choice, sane immigration policy, affordable, well-funded public education and environmental protection were values shared by both parties.  It was the collapse of this collaboration and respect for each other’s perspectives that led Edie to take her knowledge of the legislative process and consensus building out of the halls of the Capitol and into the government affairs offices of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and later the Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO). While working full time, she received a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.

When Edie and her family moved to Boulder in 1997, she accepted the invitation of her neighbor and then County Sheriff, George Epp, to share the role of precinct captain.  Ever since, Edie has been a leader in driving action on progressive policies: helping candidates, turning out the vote by going door to door, making phone calls, and driving voters to the polls.

Edie’s leadership experience includes roles as Vice President and President of the Democratic Women of Boulder County.  Under her leadership, membership more than doubled.  She led the expansion of forums for legislators and candidates to engage with well-informed and politically active women.  In turn, DWBC became a source of financial and practical support which continues today.  While President, she forged a relationship with New Era Colorado appointing a member of their organization to the DWBC Board of Directors. The relationship which began 7 years ago has led to ongoing collaboration of mutual interests between multiple generations.

Edie dedicates her time raising money for causes she passionately supports, including The Blue Flower Fund of Colorado (supporting pro-choice women candidates), the Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence, Planned Parenthood, the Boulder Women’s Health Center, and progressive candidates at every level of government.  She believes strongly that when women have unequivocal control over their reproduction, it has a positive, cascading effect on society as a whole.  What naturally comes from delaying pregnancy is the increased prospect of higher education, greater income, less dependence on public services, and healthier children living in stable conditions.  A woman’s ability to plan her pregnancies is a win-win for everyone.

Edie believes that everyone deserves a chance to thrive, and all of us have a stake in fostering an inclusive community.  Edie, and her husband Jim, are longtime supporters of Intercambio’s mission of uniting communities, where Jim serves on the Board of Directors.  It is the feeling of belonging and having a voice that brings constructive engagement and the unique contributions that make our Boulder culture richer and our community stronger.  They also sponsor I Have A Dream students with a long term financial commitment to the student’s education from second grade to college.

Edie is a strong supporter of public education.  Her children are both products of the Boulder Valley School District and Edie led fundraising efforts at Crest View Elementary for several years.  Ginny, 19, attends College of Charleston, and Ned, 21, attends the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Edie knows well the challenges and rewards of starting and growing a business.  Her Pesto Manifesto gourmet food products were sold in several farmer’s markets in Colorado.  She worked for Vertiba, Jim’s successful cloud computing consulting business, in the early years as a bookkeeper and all around utility in-fielder.

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Edie and her family.

Senator Mark Udall and Edie Hooton

Senator Mark Udall and his wife Maggie Fox have both endorsed Edie.  Edie is a passionate supporter of causes and elected officials that share her values.

Edie served as President of the Democratic Women of Boulder County

Edie served as President of the Democratic Women of Boulder County.

Edie started a small business, selling gourmet pesto at Colorado farmers markets

Edie started a small business selling gourmet pesto at Colorado farmers markets