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Edie Hooton

Colorado State Representative, HD 10: Boulder & Gunbarrel

I'm no longer in office.

Dear Friends,


My last day as State Representative for HD10 was January 08, 2023.  I have left public office and am now enjoying my retirement. 


I have represented Boulder at the State Capitol for six years and feel deeply gratified with what my colleagues and I have accomplished, in collaboration with many associations and individuals, on behalf of vulnerable Coloradans and the climate. I cannot express enough my gratitude to my constituents and supporters for their role in making the passage of these transformative laws possible and for providing me the opportunity to be a part of it. Thank you.


I’ve been honored to play a role in codifying reproductive health care rights in state law, passing a red flag law and local control of firearms, improved monitoring and enforcement for air toxins and greenhouse gas emissions, and funding universal Pre-K school.


My focus as a legislator has included work to expand consumer protection and advocate for the under-served by sponsoring bills that:

  • Solidify and expand the rights of mobile homeowners.

  • Provide opportunities for communities served by investor-owned utilities to seek alternative sources of energy for their electricity.

  • Add additional qualifying conditions to the approved list for a medical marijuana recommendation.

  • Establish a legal and a regulatory structure for the predatory (non-consensual) towing industry. I ensured my legislation provided vital resources for enforcement in all these areas.


About My Decision


By law, the Boulder County Democratic Party had 30 days, upon notice of a vacancy, to convene a vacancy committee and select a new candidate (regardless of when the vacancy occurred).  In this case, the County Party Chair had to notify the Secretary of State and provide the new candidate's name by September 2nd. The deadline for names to appear on the general election ballot was September 9th.


When I decided to withdraw from the race, the primary ballots were already in the mail with my name on them. Understanding the vacancy process and the practical implications for myself and my staff took several weeks. Because I was committed to hosting a fundraising event on July 28th, I chose to wait to share my news until the event was over.


My husband Jim retired three years ago, and I want to spend more time with him and my adult children and pursue personal interests. The role of a legislator is incredibly rewarding but also all-consuming. I felt satisfied with what I had accomplished as a legislator and was ready to pass the torch. I finished my term in office, which ended when our new Representative Junie Joseph was sworn in at the beginning of the 2023 session. We can all agree that Boulder has tremendous talent, and I was confident that our county party would make the best choice among exceptional candidates to select a replacement we could all get behind.


You will continue to hear from me regularly. And as always, my very best.




US Flag

Community Choice Energy (CCE)

I sponsored a bill in 2021 that was signed into law (HB21-1269), entitled “Public Utilities Commission Study of Community Choice Energy,” which directs the Public Utilities Commission to evaluate a promising energy policy that would allow communities served by an investor owned utility (Xcel or Black Hills) to purchase their own wholesale electricity supply from alternative suppliers, like solar and wind farms.  With CCE, the utility would still own and operate the “poles and wires” and deliver the electricity, while the community gains control over its energy sources and costs.  You can read my Guest Editorial in the Daily Camera here.

  • Allows communities to choose an alternative electricity supplier.

  • Advantages: cheaper and cleaner electricity; create new energy programs;  create local jobs;  keep energy dollars local.

  • Introduces competition, choice, and greater local control.

  • Incumbent utility still owns and operates the “poles and wires” (electricity delivery).

  • Individuals can opt out and buy their electricity from the utility if they wish.

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Meet Edie

Edie has been committed to progressive values her entire adult life. She was first elected to the Colorado State House of Representatives in November 2016.  She serves as Chair of the Capital Development Committee, Vice Chair of the House Energy and Environment Committee, and as a member of the House Local Government & Transportation Committee.  Prior to her election, she spent 20 years as a Democratic activist, and 10 years as a legislative aide.  Edie has a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Pennsylvania.


Legislative Office: 
200 E Colfax, Room 307
Denver, CO 80203

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